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Non Nellie Tinder plays and screenplays written by Julia May Jonas are available upon request:

Lake Coordination (4W) (1M). When Linda offers shelter to homeless Annabelle, she fails to realize how the act will disrupt her family and her conceptions of herself.  A play about the economy in four scenes and four songs. 

*Lake Coordination will appear at the 4th Street theater at NYTW in the Columbia MFA thesis festival, directed by Shannon Fiillion.

No One Is Excused From the Trouble of Living: (7W) (6M). A play about people in situations, some more fun than others.  Also, a play about a chainsaw.

*NOIEFTTOL had a workshop at the Schapiro Studio Theater, directed by Shannon Fillion, and was presented in a reading series at The Bushwick Starr.

Ugly Thing (2W) (3M).  Chrissie Peak returns to hometown NJ to nurse her mother through an illness and embarks on a self-destructive tear to destroy the girl she used to be.  Inspired by the short stories of Mary Gaitskill. 

Somewhere in the Middle, With Reciprocal Interest (2M, 2W).  Inspired by the Lydia Davis story “Boring Friends”, two couples start out meeting for drinks and end up victims of an apocalyptic meteoroid crash. 

Emily Climbs (1W).  Emily is an administrative assistant with opinions and the floor and her time to tell you what she thinks about that is now.

All the Artful Dodges (2W, 1M).  An adaptation of HonorĂ© de Balzac’s Cousin Bette, a young starlet and daughter of a well-known director must compete with a rising social climber for the affections of her impressionable husband.

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