Nellie Tinder's work in progress is a musical adaptation/riff on Grace Paley's hugely influential short story, Faith in a Tree: an experimental post-modern narrative about a single mother in her thirties, in the year 1970, who, one afternoon in a New York City park, decides to become an activist. Meta-fictive, digressive, unsentimental and funny, the story approaches lust, loneliness, proto-feminism, child-rearing and idealism with incisive candor. Using Paley's lyrical language and shifting perspectives to create intricate madrigal harmonies, psychedelia, "everybody now" folk-music, Nellie Tinder seeks to explore sincerity without going soft, revisit old New York without getting nostalgic, and develop a new structural framework for a musical, one that is as freely associative and wild as Paley's story.

Raise Your Voice In Medieval Counterpoint performed a work in progress at the Prelude Festival in 2012, and is in continued development.