The women of Pennsylvania House are making good progress - with talk therapy, group therapy, dance therapy and their surreptitious visits to the surrounding druidical wood, when luminous film actress Evelyn Henries arrives and reeks havoc with her iridescent star quality. Will the fortress hold? Or will Evelyn's Magick destroy the fragile strands of sanity these women have left? A musical fever-dream, Evelyn is a story about the consequences of being somebody, and the horror of being nobody.

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Premiered at The Bushwick Starr FEBRUARY 22-MARCH 10, 2012

Excerpts of Evelyn were shown at: Little Theatre, with Kate Benson, Jocelyn Kuritsky and Jenny Seastone Stern. Catch!, with Abigail Browde, Zoe Geltman, Lucy Kaminsky and Kate Schroeder.

Time Out NY: "an eerie, girls-gone-feral comedy…supremely balanced weirdness...a paper-doll adventure told by a disturbed and brilliant teenager…Jonas's main strength is in her ear"

The Village Voice: "[Jonas'] ambitious new piece, Evelyn transposes ancient madness to a modern clinic, suggesting that our unruly psyches still chafe at civilized life's compromises."

New York Theatre Review: "A dark, charmingly weird fable….Egotism and its gleeful, rabid undoing, insecurity, a little dysfunction, and a longing for friends—there is something everyone can relate to in "Evelyn"'s misfit sisterhood."

Culturebot: "A really compelling, entertaining and insightful show that keeps you engaged and thinking throughout...a fascinating study in manipulation."

Written and Directed by Julia May Jonas
Composed by Jon Lundbom and Julia May Jonas

Stage Managed by Jennifer Ainsworth
Producer Andrew Dinwiddie
Associate Producer Regina Vorria

Choreography by Jennie MaryTai Liu
Production Design by Ryan Holsopple (of 31 Down)
Costume Design by Normandy Sherwood
Dramaturgy by Jess Barbagallo

Cast Includes: Kate Benson, Lisa Clair, Zoë Geltman, Hannah Heller, Lucy Kaminsky, Jocelyn Kuritsky, Richard Saudek and Kate Schroeder.